The Personal

The users make their own avatars with skin, hair, eyes, body, shape and clothes. Everything s free. The community consists of friends, and friends of friends. The social aspects of the Planet are what make it real. You get to be the person you always wanted to be and look how you want to look. Interacting with the art and people in the planet causes your emotions to become enhanced, making the virtual reality experience so much more personal and real, especially with relationships.

The Visual

Planet 3L consists of nine regions that are in a 3x3 layout. Each region is 256m x 256m in size. A mega region on the other side of the planet is the equivalent to 16 regions in a 4x4 layout, Four regions that make up the theme park at Storm, and One private island. So, basically 30 regions. The beauty of the planet is amazing and you can see ut from any angle. Planet 3L friends are some of the most creative, and it shows in how things look and work. There are beautiful forests, parks, and wonderful landscaping throughout the entire planet.

The Possibilities

If you can imagine it, it's probably possible. You can create or do almost anything. There are homes, lakes, oceans, beaches, stores, forests, music venues, an island, roads, drivable vehicles, spacecraft, aircraft, parties, travel outside the world, live music performances, games, a theme park, rides, and more. All created by the people in the opensim worlds. Travel is possible to other opensim worlds, where you can meet others, explore, and share the creations or others. You can learn to create and make some things that emulate real life, or things that are unique, impossible and unimaginably wonderful.

Links and Information

Planet 3L is currently a Private System.

To obtain acccess, a memebr of Planet 3L must submit a referral for you to Planet 3L Management.
Referrals require approval by Management and are not a guarantee that you will be granted access.
Email or contact a member of Planet 3L, for more information.

Planet 3L Server Status :   
If blue box has an OK in it, Planet 3L is online.



(you make a room for two or more people)
See information and notices for more details

SHOUTCAST (Internet Radio):

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Meet Our Team

Meet our Management and Operation Team Members.

Team Member
The Planet Owner

Margy owns and manages the Planet, manages users, approves changes, builds, and manages the Server. Margy is the "Goddess" of the Planet.

Email us at:

Margy Perth

Team Member
Owner/DJ/General Manager

Tomari DJ's weekly events, manages users, approves changes, and provides assistance to users.

Email us at:

Tomari Coy

Owner/ DJ/General Manager
Team Member
Store and General Management

Cori travels the Hypergrid to find content for the Planet 3L. She manages the store inventory and displays.

Email us at:

Cori Lisa

General/Store Manager
Team Member

Heather is assistant to the Owners and can manage the Planet, assists users, or help when a manager or owner is not available.

Email us at:

Heather Chiantelle

Owner's Assistant
Team Member
Owner/System Administrator

StruckBy Thunder ("Struck") manages the Planet 3L Server and provides technical assistance. Is also in-world on occasion to assist members.

Email us at:

Struck Thunder

Owner/Technical Director

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